Monday, August 8, 2011

Bruno arrives in Ulaanbaatar

Bruno Dragani, Chief People and Administration Officer at Coastal Community Credit Union in Nanaimo, BC, started taking photographs as soon as he arrived in Ulaanbaatar. Here are some of the images he captured during his first two days in Mongolia.
Bruno meets (right foreground) with his fellow coaches and the interpreters

Bruno Dragani
Ottawa to Seoul...13.5 hours, two full meals and at least 5 movies
After a 5-hour stopover in Korea, a three-hour flight and one more meal (at least he's not going hungry...yet!) Bruno finally arrives in Ulaanbaatar at... what else would it be called... Chinggis Khan International Airport.
 Check out the horse stop lights... Green is trot across.... Red means hold the horse back or it will become dinner!
Off to see a Buddhist temple and the Imperial Winter Palace which is now a museum and cashmere store.
Bags of water in restaurant windows keep the flies away. It actually works...

Getting down to work: the coaches meet with their interpreters and are briefed on the credit union system.  That's Bruno in the foreground,

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