Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tuesday, August 16: "Camping"in the hotel

I’m almost getting used to the constant alarm sound coming from the elevator. For the second day, the hotel does not have electricity or running water. When the power does come back on, it’s only at 11pm at night. So we’re essentially camping out… in a nice hotel…

Today was our second day working with the Credit Union. We met some more of the ladies on the committees and discussed some more ideas for them – including the Canadian practice of giving back to the community.

After a big dinner at a local restaurant, the ladies of the management team had “some entertainment” planned for us…. And it came in the form of a private karaoke room at the back of the building! I’ve never seen so many women having so much fun! Karen and I were serenaded and entertained by both traditional and pop Mongolian songs… sung by the Board of Directors and other ladies from their Lending and Supervisory Committees! What a night! My cheeks still hurt from smiling.
- Ramune Jonusonis

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