Friday, August 19, 2011

Kharkhorin: co-operatives in action: part two

After lunch at the Beh credit union, we visited another Kharkhorin co-operative, the Zuulun Suvd production co-op.  This is a small co-op -- only nine members -- but it has an enormous impact. Its primary objective is to provide a livelihood for elderly and disabled women, which it does through the production of felt slippers, hats, boots, souvenirs and other products.  The co-op has been very successful, and some of its products have been brought to Ulaanbaatar to be sold.  Another wonderful example of co-operatives in action.

A co-op member cards dyed wool, which will be used to make felt products

Mongolia's rugged terrain makes life difficult for people with mobility impairments, but this woman now has a viable livelihood because of the co-op.

Felt slippers are one of the co-op's specialties: needless to say, we went shopping!

--  Donna Balkan

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